Shell Rot


Box turtles as a rule are very resilient. Shell rot seems to a rare occurrence. However, it does pop up from time to time.

By far the most common cause in captivity is unclean habitats combined with cool temps. In the wild the main cause seems to be from frost damage.

The following pictures are of healed shell rot from wild
box turtles. Click on the picture to view it full size.

This Eastern box turtle  has old rot
visible along the side of the carapace. (left)

The plastron of this turtle shows
 extensive rot. (right)

Another Eastern with some scars. (left)
Another view of the plastron. (right)


Following are pictures of extensive
shell rot that required treatment

The bone has rotted away. All the dead tissue
 has been removed. This turtle is under
the care of Pamela Hurley. (Left)
After 2 weeks the shell is
starting to heal. Eventually
the shell will grow back. (Right)