1 year old Eastern Box Turtle
1 year old Eastern Box Turtle


  Box Turtles of North America




Rubbermaid pen

The following pictures shows the construction of an indoor enclosure utilizing a 50 gallon Rubbermaid storage container.

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Rubbermaid storage container

Start with a 50 gallon storage container. I bought this at Target for $12.99

Play sand from Home Depot $1.89
Bed-A-Beast $3.99

Soak it in a gallon of hot water until fully expanded.



1/2 bag of sand and two "bricks" of Bed-A-Beast (about 3" deep)
Basking light

This is a heavy duty clamp light with a ceramic socket.

Notice I also use an additional clamp for safety.

The bulb is a 100 watt UVHeat bulb.












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