Welcome to the world of Box Turtles !

Box turtles (Terrapene sp.) are a very popular species. I saw my first over 50 years ago in central Michigan. I was fascinated by the box turtles ability to completely close itself into its shell. What was even more intriguing was its wonderful personality and intelligence. 

I am lucky enough to have observed the eastern box turtle in its natural habitat in parts of Michigan. Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina. I frequently  found  hatchling box turtles in northern Michigan.

Unfortunately I have also found many box turtles dead on the road. Usually in the spring and early summer when females are searching for suitable nesting sites. Most of my box turtles show evidence of HBC (hit by car) injuries. Also its common to see the edges of the shell "chewed" by dogs.

Urban development results in box turtle habitat destruction. This brings the box turtles in close (and often fatal) contact with people and their pets. As a result of this box turtles are being found in life threatening situations.

This site was born out of a desire to bring a better understanding of the care and needs of the wonderful box turtle.

three toed box turtle male
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